Village Tour

Why not experience Japan’s authentic countryside lifestyle?

In Kosuge Village (小菅村), attractions such as Tokyo’s skyscrapers or Kyoto’s World Heritage Sites are not present. Nor are there any 24-hour convenience stores. Yet, in Kosuge Village, there is a rich natural environment and a continuing tradition of everyday life from long ago.

It is not mentioned in any guide book, but why not visit an authentic Japanese village?

Let’s walk through the Village together!

If you would like to come to Kosuge Village, please contact us. Let’s experience the living rustic landscape while exploring the village together! For those who wish to stop by, we can give a Village tour for 2-3 hours. You can enjoy eating Kosuge’s specialty food, and relax in the hot springs after walking through the village.

Please feel free to contact us at the following email address.


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How do I get to Kosuge Village?

The bus schedule is written below. The nearest stations are Okutama Station and Otsuki Station. You can reach both stations in about an hour and a half from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. For those who are considering visiting Mt. Fuji, you are able to ride on the Fuji Kyuko line from Otsuki Station.


From JR Okutama Station to Kosuge no yu

JR Okutama sta. (JR奥多摩駅) Kosuge no yu (小菅の湯)
07:38(07:25) 08:38(08:25)
10:15(10:05) 11:14(11:04)
13:25(13:35) 14:24(14:34)
16:48(16:35) 17:47(17:34)

(        ):holiday time
Fee: One way 980 yen


From JR Otsuki Station to Kosuge no yu

JR Otsuki sta. (JR大月駅) Kosuge no yu (小菅の湯)
9:00 10:00
13:31 14:31
18:20* 19:20*

* Weekdays only
Fee: One way 1,100 yen


From Kosuge no yu to JR Okutama Station

Kosuge no Yu (小菅の湯) JR Okutama sta. (JR 奥多摩駅)
08:57(08:30) 09:56(09:29)
11:22(11:25) 12:22(12:25)
14:42(14:45) 15:37(15:40)
17:55(17:45) 18:50(18:40)

(        ):holiday time
Fee: One way 980 yen


From Kosuge no yu to Okutama Station

Kosuge no Yu(小菅の湯) JR Otsuki sta.(JR大月駅)
7:06 8:06
10:15 11:15
14:41 15:41

Fee: One way 1,100 yen