What is NPO Kosuge?


What is NPO Tama Genryu Kosuge?


The specifically nonprofit enterprise corporation of Tama Genryu Kosuge (hereafter NPO Kosuge) was founded in 2009. Tama Genryu (Tama River headwaters) is a natural and cultural resource of Kosuge Village.

NPO Kosuge focuses on Kosuge Village’s unique characteristics by sponsoring and carrying out various hands-on experience programs and events. With an aim toward local revitalization, these activities allow locals and visitors alike to enjoy the wealth of experiences Kosuge Village has to offer.

NPO Kosuge’s Programs

NPO collaborates the talents and natural resources of individuals and organizations from the village and the city. It is enriching when peoples from upstream and downstream engage in friendly exchange by learning from each other’s lifestyles. Therefore, NPO Kosuge is dedicated to the following objectives:

  1. Advising and supporting activities conducted by university students and corporations in Kosuge Village
  2. Planning and sponsoring programs directed toward residents of urban areas experiencing nature and local culture in Kosuge Village
  3. Development of new products and practical application of the headwater area’s natural resources in Kosuge Village

NPO Kosuge achieves these objectives by running the following programs:

Agricultural Hands-on Experience


The agricultural hands-on experience varies depending on the time of year. After raising the Village’s specialty produce such as potatoes, soba buckwheat, and wasabi, one can enjoy eating the freshly harvested vegetables raw.

Headwaters Hands-on Experience


Let’s play in the clear water that flows through the village! Experience the adventure in its entirety: while the guides give a tour splish-splashing through the river, have fun observing the nature and wildlife of the surrounding area.

Satellite Office


Rather than the usual workplace, wouldn’t you like to work in the middle of a scenic landscape? The satellite office is a facility well equipped with technology and resources that can be used for many purposes. Here, you can also do farm work or relax in the onsen (hot spring)!

Additional Programs

NPO runs and supports other various educational programs such as hiring local farmers and craftspersons to teach visiting university students, and helping businesses network and collaborate.

We should work together, shouldn’t we?


Besides those hands-on experience programs introduced, Kosuge Village and the headwater area are capable of facilitating many other activities. Not only are these programs suitable for individuals, but for groups as well. So by all means, please participate! We hope to meet expectations by making necessary arrangements for carrying out such programs.

NPO Kosuge is also occasionally in need of skilled volunteers. For more details or inquiries, please contact us.


Email     info+npokosuge.jp(Please change “+” to “@”)

Address   〒409-0211山梨県北都留郡小菅村字白沢1911

NPO Tama Genryu Kosuge

1911 Azashirasawa Kosuge Village

Kitatsurugun Yamanashi

Japan 409-0211